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Phendora Garcinia True, everything is on fast forward nowadays. Luckily, fitness researchers have managed to keep up and devised quick Weight Loss tips that truly work. Now, how can you possibly be healthy without having to enroll in an aerobics class, you might ask? The answer: Eat right and live simply.

The reason these are called medium nutrition diets is because I have yet to see a popular fad diet that gives you all the nutrition you need. These diets are much better for you and usually last for about a week. On this type of diet, you will lose the water weight, but you will probably lose a couple of pounds of actual fat, too. Average Weight Loss on this diet is usually between 4 and 12 pounds. Again, the weight will come back on this diet also, but probably at a slower rate. It may take a week or two to gain all the pounds back if you go back to your regular eating habits.